APFNDT Constitution and Operating Procedure

APFNDT Constitution [Download]
APFNDT Operating Procedure (OPs)

OP 1 Method of Election - Office Bearers [Download]

OP 2 Financial and Administration Management [Download]

OP 3 Awards and Recognition [Download]

OP 4 APCNDT - Roles and Resposibilities [Download]

OP 5 Communications [Download]

OP 6 APFNDT Executive Committee, Board and General Assembly Meetings [Download]

OP 7 APFNDT Task Groups (TG's) [Download]

OP 8 Advisory Group (AG) [Download]

OP 9 APFNDT Forums [Download]

OP 10 APFNDT Conference Sponsorship [Download]

OP 11 Regional Development Terms of Reference [Download]

OP 12 APFNDT Representation Support [Download]

Minutes of Asia Pacific Federatnion for Non-Destrucive Testing

APFNDT General Assembly 2015, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia [Download]
Asia Pacific Committee for NDT General Assembly 2013, Mumbai, India [Download]
Asia Pacific Committee for Non Destructive Testing Meeting 2012, Durban, South Africa
Asia Pacific Committee for Non Destructive Testing General Assembly Meeting 2009, Yokohama, Japan